It is recommended that you prepare no more than 12 questions.  There is no guarantee that all of your questions will be answered in the time allotted.  Please do not prepare questions like, "What's in my future?"  The more specific your questions are the more beneficial your reading will be. 
Contact Robin if you have any questions or concerns before you mail in your request.

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To book your Reading by Mail, please send your check or money  order and other required information to the address below:  (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR RETURN DELIVERY ADDRESS)
Mr. Robin Gile
3441-A Vail Ave. SE
Albuquerque, NM  87106-2579

When  you send your payment you MUST INCLUDE your name, address, and gender.

The cost of a reading by mail is $100.00 *.  You can pay now with PayPal   

Palmistry & Readings by Mail

*Note: If you are requesting Palmistry by Mail, please include your PALM PRINTS MADE EASY, and indicate which is your favored hand -- indicate left-handed or right-handed. THANK YOU!