"I have known Robin for 9 years and can say that without a doubt he is the most gifted and subtle psychic I have ever consulted. His capacity for insight into various aspects of one's life is at times almost miraculous. That he combines this subtlety and insight with a rapier wit makes consulting him one of the most profound and entertaining guides one can have in life." Pete S.    Colorado, U.S.A.
"Robin Gile has been my sole source for palm readings for nearly 20 years. His readings are consistently crystal clear and spot on. Whenever I have a situation that needs clarification, Robin's insight is most helpful in bringing to light the obstacles preventing me from gaining the results I desire. His guidance has been truly beneficial in my spiritual progression. I sincerely recommend his services. And, love you for it, Robin."
Chris   New Mexico, U.S.A.
"A feeling of elation and trust overcomes one as these truths are spoken, named and revealed. I was jubilant." Amy Estelle    Chicago, Illinois

"I met Mr. Gile at the Whole Life Expo in 1995 and was at first skeptical of what his readings predicted for me. I soon became a firm believer in his skill and degree of insight. And, I can say after many readings from him since then, I have never failed to be impressed by his accuracy. I strongly recommend you book a reading with him. " Rosemary Styles, Columbus, Ohio


Here are just a few stories and testimonials from some of Robin Gile's Clients: