Robin Gile, Archetypal Symbolist, Consultant

& Author of "The Idiot's Guide to Palmistry"

Robin Gile, a master of the art of palmistry with over 25 years experience in the field,  literally wrote the book on Palmistry. The  scope and accuracy of information he finds in the hand is unsurpassed by any other oracle.  His readings invoke insight into his client's present and future situations with remarkable accuracy.   Challenges, forthcoming, choices and turning points in one's life are  a few of the areas discussed through his readings.  Robin's intuitive and psychic talents bring clarity and unique perspective           to science and palmistry.  He will at times choose Tarot Reading as well, to enhance his insight into the life and path of his  clients.  You will receive reliable, concise and clear knowledge about your inherent talents, gifts, unresolved issues of the past and  the probable course of your future. A session with Robin will leave you  with a fresh awareness of your potentials, abilities and a sense of  the future.